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Blackbelt Retail

Blackbelt Retail

Dynamic Retail Solutions driving your business

Simple to set up and use with seamless
integration and comprehensive pricing control

Identify Phones;
make, model etc.
Give pricing at store or national level
Detect and deflect faults
Tethered and/or wireless approach
Check for OEM blacklisting, lost & stolen
Accurate assessment of devices
Securely wipes data ensuring total customer
Real time reporting provided on your own

Trade-In systems from home / retail / anywhere…

Our Trade-In systems have been designed to help enable all businesses no matter what their size enhance their service offering through a fully streamlined process.
Our Trade-In software consists of a mixure of Apps, websites and Integrated retail software.
  • Create your own workstreams
  • Ideal for businesses looking to growth into new areas
  • Businesses on a limited IT budget
  • Fully customised & branded
  • Simple set up
  • Seamless Integration
  • Offer more value to your customers

Trade-In systems from home / retail / anywhere…

Corporate Retailer

Helping corporate retailers move closer to a circular economy.

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By offering automated, secure solutions to speed up the mobile lifecycle and data sanitisation process, Blackbelt helps corporate retailers move closer to a circular economy.
Blackbelt offers corporate retailers the chance to identify, diagnose, repair and certify the second hand device market. We aim to install trust and value in corporations through our 360 bundle which offers device certification, identification and diagnostics.
Create your own workstreams giving you total control.
Set and manage all users from one master login.
Configure and manage all testing from one place
Set your wiping levels & other features such as live.
Recognised globally for enhanced grading capabilities.
Certified erasure with global recognised accreditation.

Independent Retailer

What can Blackbelt do for your independent business?

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We offer the latest software to help your company boost sales and stay attractive to your customers and competition in the market.

Being an independent retailer is about managing your workstreams, whether you’re a small to medium enterprise or a larger corporation. Our mission is to help facilitate this and minimise the hassle of data privacy risks to your unwanted devices.

Our market leading device analysis tool that helps consumers and retailers to buy and sell preowned smartphones with complete assurance

Label Printing
Quick Setup
Accurate Certificates