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BlackBelt now offering a fully automated system for BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone

BlackBelt are pleased to announce a new fully automated system for BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone.

BlackBelt DataWipe was designed specifically to securely wipe solid state memory.  DataWipe is easy to learn and use and maximises operator productivity by automating and de-skilling the secure wiping of Android, iOS, Blackberry, Window Phone 8+ and Symbian for Smartphones and Tablets.

There is no charge for trial software or trial licenses.

Contact us today for further information!


DataWipe is now Unified!

We now support Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and Symbian via one unified application!


Factory reset memory wipe FAILS in 500 Million Android mobiles

IT news service The Register have reported that as many as half a billion Android mobile devices are failing in the factory reset process, seriously compromising user data.  Cambridge Scientists Laurent Simon and Ross Anderson tested multiple devices from various manufacturers running Android OS 2.3 to 4.3.  They state:

"We estimate that up to 500 million devices may not properly sanitise their data partition where credentials and other sensitive data are stored, and up to 630 million may not properly sanitise the internal SD card where multimedia files are generally saved."

The Register suggests "Enterprises that sell off used phones that once contained or were linked to systems that store sensitive corporate information should be concerned about the flaws given the option for skilled data thieves to purchase recycled phones and trawl through system partitions.  Thieves could also buy phones on sites such as eBay in a bid to obtain bank account information, should tried and tested bank trojans prove uninspired."

This poses serious questions as to the viability of recycling mobile phones - or does it?  To ensure complete safe and secure deletion of personal data choose a recycler that is using BlackBelt DataWipe. Forensically tested, BlackBelt DataWipe software removes all data from mobiles and tablets.

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Update for BlackBelt DataWipe V3.5.0002

We have released a new update for BlackBelt DataWipe, Version 3.5.0002 (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian).

This update includes multiple improvements and system optimization.

The update is available to download and install from our dashboard


BlackBelt now offer hard drive data wiping capabilities in their portfolio

BlackBelt are pleased to announce an exciting new strategic partnership with White Canyon to provide their safe, effective and certified hard drive wiping technology - WipeDrive.

White Canyon’s WipeDrive is a disk sanitizing tool that permanently erases all data from hard drives and other data storage devices. This includes but is not exclusive to: HPA partitions, DCO partitions, remapped sectors, operating systems, programs, and user files. This data is permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible.

A BlackBelt spokesperson commented, “This collaboration will strengthen our secure wiping capability across a much broader product range. Our customers have been asking us for some time to provide a one-stop shop for their datawiping needs.

“Now, not only can we provide the most secure wipe for mobile handsets and tablets but also the world’s most highly certified hard drive wiping technology,” they added.

Protecting personal and company data is paramount in today’s digital society.  BlackBelt with White Canyon look forward to providing an all-round service, primarily in the fight against fraud and certainly in helping the environment via recycled goods.

To find out more or request a trial please contact us on +44 (0)1695 711246 or email: 


How did Apple's 'time-out' day affect you?

So Apple reported problems with iTunes, App Store and iCloud on Wednesday 11 March which lasted from 09:00 GMT to just after 20:00 GMT.

This created 10 hours in lost revenue for people and organisations who sell through the stores and for the millions of consumers who were unable to access their services.  Whilst Apple services were down approximately $1.2m an hour was lost, reported BBC News

Here at BlackBelt we do not use iTunes and as such had no downtime for our customers when the recent outage took place on Apple's network.  Customers were able to continue using DataWipe and Analyst products with no interruptions or loss of time and money.

Could our competitors say the same? 

How were you affected by this downtime?  Were you unable to process phones and tablets.  Did you miss priority orders to dispatch due to your solution provider relying on iTunes connectivity?  We'd welcome your feedback on this one.  Contact us at

BlackBelt -  providing fast, secure and effective solutions for the mobile device industry.


Recycling and Mobile Device Security in a Digital Age

A new Intel Survey has found that 67 percent of Britons are not aware of the personal information and permissions to access that information they are giving away when accepting and downloading mobile apps.

A fifth of those surveyed stated they didn’t care what the app cited as they wanted the app anyway, whilst 41 percent said a shortness of time prevented them from reading the small print.

A recent study conducted by Ingram Micro Mobility asked over 1,000 consumers what they thought about recycled mobile devices and the likelihood of purchasing recycled devices. Based on this study, over half of those surveyed said they had issues about devices being properly wiped of their data and identify theft as barriers to recycling their old devices.

Putting these two surveys together, if people are uncertain what permissions they are giving and then go on to recycle their devices that’s a lot of information a potential data thief could obtain.

BlackBelt SmartPhone Defence recommends a thorough data wipe of mobile devices prior to resale to protect your identity.


Product Release: BlackBelt DataWipe v3.3.0008 for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian

BlackBelt SmartPhone Defence are pleased to announce the latest release of BlackBelt DataWipe, version 3.3.0008.  This build has multiple bugs fixes.

This release of BlackBelt DataWipe has several improvements over earlier releases but most importantly to support latest version of android devices.

It also added support to process simultaneously the android devices having same serial number.

Please download and install the latest version


Data Protection breaches - What happens when you don't remove data securely from Mobile Devices?

Erasing mobile phone data is an excellent way to safeguard a brand's reputation, by protecting customer data and avoiding any unnecessary destruction or re-procurement costs.

According to the Data Protection Act (1998) Principle 7, 'if personal data is not properly safeguarded, this can seriously damage an organisation’s reputation and prosperity and can compromise the safety of individuals'.

In 2013 four organisations were prosecuted for breach of the DPA for compromising customer information.  Data was found on memory cards, laptops and hard disk drives that had been lost or stolen that had serious implications for the safety of individuals. 

Consider this, smartphones and tablets have as much as, if not more memory than many other devices available today.  This capacity for storing data allows people to use them as portable PCs.  Sensitive and secure information could be contained on the devices and if a recycler is promising data removal prior to resale, then an enhanced datawipe facility is required, a factory reset is not a safe option.

Not only that, but erasing mobile phone data also allows companies to redistribute used handsets quickly and effectively, whilst remaining safe in the knowledge that all previous data has been destroyed.

Forensically tested, BlackBelt DataWipe goes beyond the factory reset to safely and securely erase data.

Contact us on (+44) (0)1695 711246 or email for further information


Product Release

Product Release: BlackBelt DataWipe v3.3.0006 for Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry and Symbian.

BlackBelt are pleased to announce the latest release of BlackBelt DataWipe, version 3.3.0006.

This release of BlackBelt DataWipe has a re-designed factory reset mechanism, making the process more operator friendly with an almost fully automated solution for Android.
This release of BlackBelt DataWipe has several improvements over earlier releases, including added universal android USB drivers
Please download and install the latest version 3.3.0006 from FTP server


Product Release: BlackBelt DataWipe v3.3.0004 for iOS(iPhone and iPad)

BlackBelt SmartPhone Defence are pleased to announce the latest release of BlackBelt DataWipe, version 3.3.0004.  This build has multiple bugs fixes.

Please download and install the latest version 3.3.0004 from FTP server

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