Call centre, online, on device

Asking customers to navigate through menus for trouble shooting can not only be time consuming but also lead to unnecessary returns and a low level of customer satisfaction.

Our cloud based solution is designed to take you to the exact place in the device to help change settings so as to optimise the device and provide natural feedback on usage, providing an enhanced customer experience.

Benefits of our remote solutions:

  • Trustworthy diagnostic tests configured to your parameters.
  • Increase in “Right First Time” fault diagnosis and reduction of “No Fault Found” repair bookings.
  • On device remote navigation and screen capture to aid and confirm troubleshooting.
  • Opportunities to integrate with your line of business applications.
  • Applications delivered from the iOS or Android store via direct OTA download, SMS or email.
  • Central store of all diagnostic and device information available via API for further analysis.
  • Access to the device granted by the customer through a one-time access key pair valid for only that one session.

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