Blackbelt Datawipe TM

Delivering fast and effective data wipe for smartphones

Erasing Mobile Phone Data

Our mobile device data erasing solution ensures that any handsets or tablets with confidential information attached, is wiped clear as quickly and effectively as possible. It means that all data is permanently removed from that device.

Erasing mobile device data is an excellent way to protect customer data and avoid any unnecessary destruction or re-procurement costs. Not only that, but erasing mobile device data also allows recycler companies to redistribute used handsets quickly and effectively, safe in the knowledge that all previous data has been destroyed.

DataWipe Specification:

Securely removes user data from smartphones:



BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry 10


Microsoft Windows


Data removed beyond recovery and tested by using commercially available forensic analysis tools such as Cellebrite and Oxygen, on most popular smartphones with default manufacturer firmware


Cloud based audit trail confirms identity of all processed devices


Ability to wipe over 20 devices at any time using a recommended hub and PC specifications


Live lost/stolen check via GSMA


First to market with secure data wipe solutions

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