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Retailers and supply chain service companies are not our only customers. Blackbelt360 is also a trusted software provider to several key marketplaces...

TikTok Shop
Faster turnaround. Consistent grading. Realtime market pricing. Consumer satisfaction.
That's why top Marketplaces like Amazon Renewed and TikTok choose Blackbelt360.

Amazon Renewed

Blackbelt360 is a trusted partner of Amazon Renewed, helping them ensure customer privacy and data security. Our innovative software solutions offer a comprehensive and efficient way to erase user data from smartphones running various platforms, including iOS, Android, and more. In an industry where efficient and effective data erasure solutions are essential, Blackbelt has played a pivotal role in ensuring that users' sensitive information is erased.  

By using our software, Amazon Renewed has not only improved the quality of its refurbished smartphones but also demonstrated its dedication to customer privacy and data security. While data breaches and privacy concerns are at the forefront of consumer consciousness, such partnerships are pivotal in earning and maintaining trust. 

Amazon Renewed Tablet

TikTok Shop

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TikTok Shop, the dynamic online marketplace. This collaboration has ushered in a game-changing opportunity for the TikTok community and all preowned device enthusiasts.  

Why Choose 'Refurbished Technology' on TikTok Shop? 

TikTok Shop has joined forces with top software companies, including Blackbelt360, to guarantee a seamless, trustworthy shopping experience.  

The "refurbished technology" category allows users to purchase second-hand mobile phones and tablets, knowing that each item has passed rigorous testing, quality control and has received certification. We believe in customers shopping for quality refurbished devices they can trust.

TikTok PC-1
Why Choose Blackbelt 360?
  • Our Diagnostics software won  “Best Innovative Product" at the Mobile News Awards 2024 
  • Blackbelt360 software optimises each stage of the pre-owned device refurbishment process
  • Our user-friendly software covers device diagnostics, grading, pricing and data erasure. 
  • Blackbelt360 software helps you process refurbished devices without compromising quality.

"Fantastic software, very user-friendly! Top notch service and support also!"