Giving you total cloud configuration for

your retail and warehouse businesses.

Cloud base configuration

Unique user profile management

Multiple profile configuration to meet needs of your business

Blackbelt 360 Features

  • The new 360 application has the ability to manage settings from the dashboard for each processing computer.  
  • Super admin login has the ability to set up unique profiles per station, and then assign users to the profile for processing. 
  • Creating different profiles allow you to set up different computers with different commands based on business needs.
  • Manage Profile tab is where you set up and manage the profiles created
  • Settings are now controlled in Dashboard versus application, allows Super Admin to make changes across all profiles
  • General Settings tab: Ability to select Operation Mode
    • DW (Data Wipe) only
    • AT (Analyst) Only
    • Manual Mode: Allow operator to select AT or DW when processing device
    • Automatic Mode: Start with AT and upon completion will automatically DW

Other Key Features

  • Process flow management
  • Recognised globally for enhanced grading capabilities 
  • Android & iOS quick activation 
  • Capture grading images and include in reports
  • Grading Logic capability
  • Industry standard API integration
  • Confirm the device IMEI matches your label
  • Install customised device configuration
  • Integration into your line of business applications
  • Customisable CSV output

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