Blackbelt Retail

Dynamic Retail Solutions driving your business

Simple to set up and use with seamless
integration and comprehensive pricing control

Identify Phones;
make, model etc.

Give pricing at store
or national level

Detect and
deflect faults

Tethered and/or
wireless approach

Check for OEM
blacklisting, lost & stolen

Accurate assessment
of devices

Securely wipes data
ensuring total customer

Real time reporting
provided on your own

Trade-In systems from home / retail / anywhere…

Our Trade-In systems have been designed to help enable all businesses no matter what their size enhance their service offering through a fully streamlined process.

Our Trade-In software consists of a mixure of Apps, websites and Integrated retail software.


  • Create your own workstreams
  • Ideal for businesses looking to growth into new areas
  • Businesses on a limited IT budget
  • Fully customised & branded
  • Simple set up
  • Seamless Integration
  • Offer more value to your customers