Blackbelt Datawipe

Delivering fast and effective data wipe for smartphones.

Erasing Mobile Phone Data

Our mobile device data erasure software solution ensures that any handsets or tablets with confidential information attached, is wiped clear as quickly and effectively as possible.
It means that all data is permanently
removed from that device.


Erasing mobile device data is an excellent
way to protect customer data and avoid any
unnecessary destruction or re-procurement
costs. Not only that, but erasing mobile
device data also allows recycler companies
to redistribute used handsets quickly and
effectively, safe in the knowledge that all
previous data has been destroyed.

Wipe Settings

Datawipe Standards  

Please note these standards have been created for data sanitisation on magnetic drives, at present there are no defined standards for Mobile devices. 

Blackbelt’s DataWipe service for mobile devices provides the capability to process devices in a multi-pass process to an extent that would exceed the equivalent US NIST Special Publication 800-88 and US DoD 5220.22-M standards for clearing data from a device. 

The BlackBelt Data wipe software allows admin-controlled configuration to set number of wipes, to ensure the data wipe process can be configured to meet customer required standards. All overwritten sectors are verified. 

Blackbelt uses propriety methods for different operating systems, a typical wipe would follow the below process.

Blackbelt Device Information  

Blackbelt will collate device information including Make, Model, IMEI, Serial and OS Information, also external information using 3rd party APIs including FMIP status and carrier information where available.  

Data Overwrite 

BlackBelt offer both standard and secure wipe, when secure is selected the software will overwrite the storage on the device using a bespoke algorithm to ensure that data is not recoverable using specialist software to rebuild user data. 

iOS Secure Wipe  

The method Blackbelt uses to perform a secure wipe is by overwriting the existing iOS software on the device by replacing the ispw file, completely a factory reset and rebooting the device to the “hello” screen 

iOS Standard Wipe  

The method Blackbelt uses to perform standard wipe is to trigger the internal factory reset function, after the device has completed the factory reset the device will reboot to the “hello” screen   

The BlackBelt Data wipe software allows admin-controlled configuration to set number of wipes, to ensure the data wipe process can be configured to meet customer required standards. 

Manufacturer Factory Reset 

As part of the Data wipe process BlackBelt will always perform a manufacturer factory reset to put the device into an out of box state.  

Device Reset Check  

To ensure the device is left in a factory reset state, BlackBelt perform a device reset check to complete the process, this ensures the device is left in an out of box state and removes the risk of a false positive response.  

Mobile Wipe Certificate 

BlackBelt collects device and process data during the wipe transaction to record to the customer dashboard, from the dashboard the user can output the collected data to a csv file or produce a PDF certificate of the completion of wipe, a XML output is also available so the customer can input directly into host systems. The XML output can be stored to a user defined location. Blackbelt also provides data transfer via API and report push methods.

Mobile Accreditation  

Blackbelt has had its software and processes independently validated by ADISA through there product assurance testing.  

Product Claims Test (PCT) service is the entry level whereby a claim is made about the sanitisation capabilities of a software or hardware device. The claim is then scientifically evaluated to be true or false. 

Securely removes user data
from all smartphones;

Cloud based audit trail confirms
identity of all processed devices

Ability to wipe up to 128 devices
at any time using recommended
hubs and PC specifications

Features such as label printing,
battery testing & logics all included.

First to market with secure
data wipe solutions.

Live lost/stolen check via GSMA plus
a host of other cloud checks to
check for locks, ranty, lease info etc