Blackbelt Datawipe

Delivering fast and effective data wipe for smartphones.

Erasing Mobile Phone Data

Our mobile device data erasing solution
ensures that any handsets or tablets with
confidential information attached, is wiped
clear as quickly and effectively as possible.
It means that all data is permanently
removed from that device.

Erasing mobile device data is an excellent
way to protect customer data and avoid any
unnecessary destruction or re-procurement
costs. Not only that, but erasing mobile
device data also allows recycler companies
to redistribute used handsets quickly and
effectively, safe in the knowledge that all
previous data has been destroyed.

Securely removes user data
from all smartphones;

Cloud based audit trail confirms
identity of all processed devices

Ability to wipe up to 128 devices
at any time using recommended
hubs and PC specifications

Features such as label printing,
battery testing & logics all included.

First to market with secure
data wipe solutions.

Live lost/stolen check via GSMA plus
a host of other cloud checks to
check for locks, ranty, lease info etc