Blackbelt Diagnostics

Delivering fast and effective data analysis for Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Easy to learn and use mobile device analysis platform for workstation operators in any smart device processing environment.
  • Widely used in Warehouse & Retail environment.
  • Customise your own workstreams & test.
  • Automatically collects phone and tablet specific data, runs a series of standard tests and records the results.
  • Improves operator productivity, increases accuracy, reduces costs, generates valuable management data and provides a clear repair/refurbishment audit trail.
  • Helps to reduce the incidence of non-viable phones or tablets being processed and data wiped
  • Live lost/stolen check via GSMA plus a host of other cloud checks for locks, warranty, lease info etc.
  • Features such as label printing, battery testing & logics all included.

Hardware Tests Covers areas such as:

Device Info

Battery Health


Physical Test

Hardware Keys





Touch ID


Live Call