Blackbelt Smartphone Testing

Industry leading testing, diagnostics & datawipe for smartphones

How we check your phone?

Our globally recognised smartphone solutions accurately determines any faults and damages through comprehensive testing and ensures all data is permanently removed offering full peace of mind.

Securely destroys all data stored

Comprehensive checks to determines any faults

Accurately determines how much a smartphone is worth

Smartphone Testing with Confidence

Every smartphone goes through a comprehensive process with complex testing and quality control to determine any damages, faults to every element of a smartphone including battery health, sound and much more.

Our Comprehensive Process Explained

Step 1 Functional testing

Stage 1 includes all functional tests including:
  • Identifying lost, stolen and blacklisted phones
  • Google Account and FMIP detection
  • Detects and identifies any fake mobile devices

Step 2 Hardware testing

Stage 2 includes a through inspection of the smartphone’s hardware including:

  • Device info
  • Battery health
  • Jailbreak/rooted
  • Physical test
  • Hardware keys
  • Sound
  • Mics
  • Vision
  • Camera/video
  • Touch ID
  • Fingerprints/sensors
  • Live call

Step 2 Device graded

Off the back of the through testing and diagnostics the phone will be graded a category which will provide an accurate value of what the phone is worth:

The smartphone grade will depend on the number and severity of faults determined.

All information is backed up on a secure cloud based system.

Step 4 Datawiped & Cleaned

If the device is going to be resold, the smartphone will undergo extensive data wipe procedures to ensure all data is destroyed. This will be logged on a secure cloud based system.

The smartphone will then go through quality control checks and cleaned ready for reuse.

Step 5 Boxed up and ready for reuse

Once the smartphone is cleaned and data wiped, it will be carefully boxed up and distributed for reuse for the customer.

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